hey….try to update my blog here using mobile n wireless but fails.. y huh?? its oklah… its my off day today n tomorow and i hope everything will be fine… life is so bored without love. love from family n frens n the one and only guy or girl in ur life… i’ve been bz and been werking and i need love to built up my energy! haha…wat the hell…

the dream i had i hope was the opposite of what i tot of… its not him in that dream.. he is different… and hope it is much better that what i tot of… today is our 4th mth together… i hope he is happy to be with me n my life that sucks! haha…. well, hoping for a better life in the future… i love u lots herry,only u..

i bought the BLACKBERRY CURVE yesterday at sembawang shopping centre.. charging it for 8 hours now and i hope it really werk greatly like what i expect from teh phone… maybe thsi wud be the last phone..blackberry curve 8520… hahaha! mcm orang kaya but actually this is a new line and i dont have to pay anything for it.its under M1 and i also sign up for broadband from M1..now im using it at home.. its as easy as ABC lah.. tak payah connect to phone mcm singtel punya kat rumah..lalalalaa! semoga kali ini,bill aku terjaga…haha!  18 more days to the mit up….semoga semuanya berjalan dengan lancar..amin!


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