Where were u wen i need u?? i dunno what shud i do to make u really fall for me… i love u so much and hope u knows how i feel…. the love i gave to you is the sincere love and the best gift given by god… i know im not a perfect person… but i tried my best to make u love me much.. its all up to u to decide who u should chose for ur future…the person who can be ur wife,the motehr for ur childrens and the one who can take good care for u.. if i dont qualified for it,i dont mind at all becoz i know god has already plan something good for me and u…

i learn from all that had happen and i dont wanna be so into u… coz i will get hurt deeply if i dont get u in my life.. thats love,watever it is, i can only say thank u to allah and please lead me and guide me to ur way…..

out with mum to geylang,bought for him adidas shoe,at first wen to pacific plaza but the stock had been transfer to iluma at bugis,next to bugis village.. lucky the last pair of blue size 7 for him. hope he likes it..out the whole day and tired too. watch punk in love and half of ketika cinta bertasbih…haha! thank god the movies out. oklah peeps, i gtg, and now… he still not back home yet… its 0259am in the morning! well…. i dunno wat else to say… im werking tomorow eh later!!… nites!!


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