“Ribuan janji kau luahkan padakmu berjuta kata cinta kau tanam di harapku……seharusnya kau ada disini saat ku menangis,semestinya kau memelukku saat aku ringkih..”

i juz simply love Embun song from the moon! tanxs the moon for the great song u had… i hope to hear the cuming songs ahead..  life is just liek a game.. i hate myself sumtimes but u have to bare with it…afetr living for 25 years on earth i learn a lot of things tat will make me a gud,bad,better n happy person. i learn lots everyday too… n in love life too… and this is the next or wat i can say the 3rd long distance relationship so far… its doesnt workout for the last two… but i really hope i made it for the 3rd one… so all this depends on herry who says he loves me for who  i am..

i work n have the same team as Lee yesterday… my favourite chinese guy in my team at werk… he says,”how cum u go first? u lady mah,a guy shud cum and mit up with u first…” think n think ya.. i finally feel that its correct… y when lee say this to me than i can figure out wat i shud have done?? i shud have talk to lee in teh first place i guess…he is a nice man with experience.. next is follow by what koh says and also wat mary,erwan n abg suandi say to me… i just have a holiday…beautiful short trip n cum back with a smile… thats it! i dun wanna get hurt by love again!!! so this 1 week… better get away from this love that im so into it… coz i had given my heart n hope for him totally!! wat the hell i am doing with my heart… once my heart is broken,its not easy to handle!!!! i will be crying,wll be thinking and will be suffering with the love that has been gone to the air…. hahahha! life is not impossible…. all can be done just that u have to be brave…

i want this to be the last of my love life from far distance and i just hope god will be the one who arranged for me everything….

we havnt noes the outcome yet… so,lets c how and bare with it…. i seriusly dunno what i shud do to make myself happy after getting hurt for so many time…i just have to be positive and look forward for my next week trip to Surabaya.. surabaya here i cum…. holiday..holiday n holiday here we go…. pheewww….. wats next??? life is so simple… u just have to do wats supposed to do… figure out n go… okeys!!!

maybe he is testing on my patience…. i just have to bare with it…. how cud he say this… “aku mahu anak aku nanti mengikut jejak ayahnya iaitu aku… bukan jejak ibunya… ” wow… sinis banget! menyakitkan…. lalu untuk apa kau memilih aku untuk menjadi teman hidupmu kalau bukan untuk dicontohi????? isteri adalah untuk menemani aku,teman hidup,menjaga aku juga… temani kemana aja aku pergi..buat kopi untuk aku ya…” okey… fine… i noe wat u had in mind… not that i dunno k…

next is…. i say i like him with long hair  bit n he says… iya. nanti aku panjangin sampai ke bahu lalu aku pakai anting2 dan buat tatoo di lengan kanan…. oke? setujukah kamu???? bisa terima itu??? ouhh…… dia menantang aku…. sungguh biadab eh.. well,wateverlah.. anak itu aku yg lahirkan,aku yg jaga juga!! arrgghhh…shit!!! i heck care…. chatting,talking on the phone,sms is not the same as miting up in real person k… so we’ll see how its goes than…. sorry to say,im hurt by ur werds but im fine with that…. i appreciate n understand it…. well just wait for next week for teh answer…. if he’s mine hes mine… if hes not to be mine,god had always get another better person for us… i conferm that… no worries…this is life,tuhan ada di sekeliling ku… demi tuhan aku serahkan segalanya!! amin!!!


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