i am so so so in love with him…. life has been great with him around although we stay far..he is mine and always forever mine… i will always love him… its 1st of january and life is as usual… gona have nite shift today and yeah,simple life simple simple simple…. i want him badly by my side… i want him to be mine…. hoping for his cuming here asap… coz i need him badly… in luv so much tat i cant get away from him,,,, is ithis love??? its not blind but its true… its the fact of life… hehehe! cant imagine his kiss for me,its so deep n i will always remember it for life…. so sweet of him to take care of me n be with him always….hes always there wen i ineed him… truly there for me…

in this cuming year….

i need to save money,need to be a beter person,be more religious a gud daughter,a gud fren n a gud gal for herry too… who noes this year is the year i be with him and be his for life…. huhuhu!  i love him… and will be him always… no matter wat… oklah…. i gtg,having my nite shift… may god bless us… dada!

happy new year 2010…. gud day!


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