life is never fair… love is never succeed.. to love sumone is a pleasure if that sumone loves us back.. but too bad if tat sumone didnt appreciate it at all… nothing at all n its such a waste… arrgghhh… life is so complicated… my life is so fuck up sumtimes but i stay strong till i can stay till my last day on earth till death! unpredictable life! only god noes all…. well god, i hope u hear me everyday n please take care of me well!

terima kasih allah kerna telah memberikan aku rezeki… brapa hari yg lalu seorg ibu tua minta duit dari aku dan akhirnya aku dpt rezeki dgn pharmacy here i cum…jadilah sementara menantikan kerja di starbucks to be full timer..!  insyallah semuanya akan berjalan dgn lancar! amin..

kalau dia boleh bersama teman2 dia sampai pagi.. kenapa tidak aku? hahahaa… i’ll be miting mar n ina on sunday nite for shisha! miss them so much! i hope herry new worshop will be great and better.. take care ok love.. im not there for u… so just be as gud as u can! please take my werds… i swear i’ll get hurt if u play over me! ok people.. nites!


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