after a week..and guess wat? i didnt turn up werk at sandwich shop on thursday morning! hahahahaa….wat a tiring week but than becoz the job is handlings pork and also im like gundu there…it just happen tat i didnt wanna turn up… teh manager plus trainer like not in a gud mood..loves to marah2.. wat the hell! i hate it wen people loves to marah2… errrrrrr………guess still wait for some new interviews cuming up…just doakan yg terbaik lah buat aku k…

entahlah…dunia aku jadi kacau…semuanya kacau skrg… i jus need time to change myself for the better! i need him to cheer me up n i want him desperately…arrgghhh! life so hard n y must i go tru this long distance relationship..??? hes too far from me… n im seriusly not in great moments!! coz i missed him to the maxx…..

oklah…. luv myself…! dada..


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