sometime,i hope i wud be with him all the time… coz i want him by my side… i need him always 24/7… but i dunno how to express the love i had animore for him… my love, if u noe how i feel now, i guess u noe wats best for us in the future.. i barely need u,hardly need u all the time. i only love u and forever u… life is incomplete without u..

dear my love, i hope u will be with me in heart n forver.. i wanna take care of u coz u made me crazy like hell n no one can replace u like u did ur love to me… i love u herry iswanto… no words can explain n no one can make us part besides allah…. !

ya tuhan,jagalah dia dan berkatilah hubungan kami. beri dia hidayah dan lindungilah dia setiap masa… amin!


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