hi my love..where are u tonight? i miss u but do u miss me too? do u miss me like i miss u too? do you?huhhhhhhuuhuhuu……  i noe u’ve been very busy nowadays and got no time for me. i admit,i noe n i will try to understand that.i will try my very best for this… i dont wanna always disturb u,kol u and msg u. wen u urself didnt put any effort for this. u dont have any credit in ur phone n u didnt bother to top up and sms me at all.isnt this an effort to see whether u really do love me not????

i hate myself for loving u but i do love u so so so much that i cant take it anymore. what shud i do than to avoid this feeling of mine? im outta idea for this n im really sad to be far from u. it has been 8 mths and nothing has been done to be together. its sad to noe this. u makes me in love with u and u really kill my heart. arrrggghhh… i hate this but i have to be patience with this though i cant.. i had to go tru this by myself n it really kills me. its been 2 days u dont msg me at all… and im the one who have been looking for u and searching for u. been koling u all the way. but u???? how much do i need to makes u understand me huh? only god noes to all this reason…

i hope.. my life wud be better next time… in the future though u’re not there 4 me always… but i still loves u forever herry.i must be strong…. let him msg me first than i get back to him… arrrgghh….. hate this!


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