hi,i dunno wether i’ve made the right decision in my life… i’ve choose starbucks and let go cisco…. huhu! i dunno lah,let god help me in this…. werk is gona be fun sumtimes and sumtimes not… love is always ups and down… nothing as great as what i alwasy wanted in my life… i noe having him is the most happiest thing in life but sumtimes a fren is much better than a lover… i do guess its rite.. he is too far ffrom me n i dunno wat he do too…. as for me here,im also alone, n i did nuting tat makes him sad or heart broken… where as him? i just trust him n i hope he is being sincere to me… tats all….

love is supposed to be great,enjoyable n fun… but for me? i just have to go on with the flow n have to just slowly acept the fact that my lover is far away from my eye….. being sincere n trust is the key of our love..enuff said..

he also have frens all over him n frens do seems much more important to him… likewise me here its the same… my life have been surrounded by frens since im young and i have lots of frens.,.but no one is known as true fren n best fren ever… but i guess for him,he have lots of gud,best n true fren tat is always there 4 him t make him smile…so much different from me..

im the type of person who needs attention in love n life… i need my lover to always be there 4 me but it seems i dont….so,u juts have to be patience and just stay happy n smile always..noting is new n great,i just have to remember god is there 4 me 24hours..

look… i must be very patience with my life…. only god is there 4 me… parents were there too… i must be brave n must stay happy though im is only a while n gain watever i wanna gain n experience anything i want as i could… insyallah,i’ll success… thanks love for loving me,but i guess,allah loves me more…

please yati…. dunt be sad,cheer up,life must go pn as usual like everiday… hmm…. dunnolah! i hope everything is gona be better soon…     hidup hanya sementara..feel it with watever u need to make urself happy…. tats it!

now..i want wat i am happy with n i want it to be forever tat can makes me happy…. pray for me,allah is always there…god will helps u in anything u need….  🙂


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